We had a great experience with Amazing Lab Home! The concierge was great and the breeder was experienced, kind, and very helpful through the process. We felt confident we had received a very well taken care of purebred, and our puppy is a perfect fit for our family! Wouldn’t trade her for anything, and I highly recommend using this store for your new family member!.


My wife and I got our first Happy Labrador House in April 2016. And we just got her a sister named Jersey in November 2020! Both dogs are healthy, happy, and amazing! We couldn’t picture our family without them! We HIGHLY recommend Amazing Lab Home  for any friends you plan to add to your family!


Thanks to Amazing Lab Home my girlfriend was very happy and immediately forgive me when i gave her Alice. Alice is a charm. I don’t like pets myself but i love watching her play around the house.


We’re very pleased with Amazing Lab Home. The entire process was easy- no problems with service and communication. Delivery went well. Our baby is healthy, happy, great disposition, well-adjusted.
— The Hilson Family

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